Retirement Planning Savings

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Dec 5

Retirement Planning Savings

Saving for retirement consists of many difficult decisions. These decisions have a lot of complex issues that need to be taken into consideration. Some of these decisions are based on personal needs and desires as well as tax and the future.

There are several different investment strategies that you will be following as you plan for your retirement. It’s very important that you look at and understand ALL of your investments as part of your overall investment and retirement planning strategy. First, you should understand the different retirement investment types:

  • 401(k), 403(b) plans
  • IRAs, Simple IRAs, Keough plans
  • Rollover IRAs

These investment types allow you to defer the payment of taxes on any income generated from these investments. In all the retirement investment plans, there are annual limits regarding the amount that you can invest into these plans. Because of this, you will need to include your non-retirement assets in your retirement planning. It’s important that you only include the investments that you don’t plan on using when creating your plan.

This might be a little confusing for you, but as you determine what assets you will be using to save for your retirement, this understanding will grow.