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Jun 23

3 Tips for Improving Your Credit Score

Whether you like it or not, your credit score determines your financial wellbeing. You may have enough money in the bank for a down payment on a home, but every type of lender—mortgage lenders, leasing agents, and credit card providers—will use your credit score to determine the likelihood of repayment. As a result, it is […]
Apr 25

Buying a House with Student Debt

Politicians, administrators, and parents love to criticize younger generations for our “lack of priorities.” Rather than working full-time, saving to buy a home, and purchasing diamond engagement rings, we instead choose to spend our resources on avocado toast, nights out with friends, and entertainment. Right? Wrong. So very wrong. In fact, most Millennials would like […]
Feb 17

My HELOC Epiphany

I’m preparing to get the PMI removed on my home several months down the road, and to lower the costs, I’m working with my local bank to apply for a HELOC (home equity line of credit) and which would include a free home appraisal—and would potentially allow me to get around the appraisal costs when […]
Sep 28

Spending Money on Experiences vs. Things

Research shows that people generally tend to be happier when they spend more money on experiences and less money on things. It can sound a little hippie and new-agey to those who are trained to look at the appreciation rates of commodities and other hard assets, but in my opinion, there’s an even more fundamental […]