Finance: This Time, It’s Personal

Financial advice comes in an endless array of shapes and sizes from sources with various knowledge backgrounds, individual motivations, and with an imperfect understanding of what your ultimate priorities are. Number crunching and data management is essential for successfully managing both your money and your time in today’s world. In one sense, monetary security has changed dramatically. It’s not so much that financial institutions don’t use vaults anymore, but electronic security and theft of monetary funds never used to be an issue at all. Likewise, bank tellers have given way to ATM machines, which have given way to online banking accounts.


And yet, people still struggle with their finances and financial management in ways that haven’t fundamentally changed over many generations. It’s our personal connection to the things we buy and sell that frequently make for the best decisions. These things we buy and sell include possessions, time, experiences. And it’s finding a smart balance in this whirlwind of personal decisions and financial trade-offs that can be an ongoing struggle for a lot of people.


For this reason, I wanted to create a space where I could discuss how maintaining our personal connection to financial decisions can make for better living…at any age…and at any level of personal wealth and income. Check out these stories from me and from others about how their individual perspective and personal priorities made a difference during a financial decision or similar situation.