Types of Wills

5 Apr    Uncategorized

Types of wills? You mean there’s more than one? Well, yes there are several types of wills (we’ll mention four here). The first is called a Holographic/Oleographic Will. This just means that the will is written in the testator’s handwriting, dated and signed.

The second type of will is an Oral Will. With an oral will (typically a dying declaration) there must be enough witnesses available to attest to the will.

The third type of will is a Statutory Will. This type of will should be drawn by an attorney and must comply with laws of the state of domicile (where you live).

The final type of will that we’ll mention is the Sweetheart Will. With this type of will, everything is left to the spouse. With this type of will, there is a risk of over qualification of the estate.